Why I’m Not Banned from Ukraine – 7 Reasons

I took expert advice on my ‘ban’ from Ukraine, in London. Here’s the 7 reasons I don’t consider myself banned. 

P10800251. I have no documentation to say I’m banned. None at all, never had.

2. The stamp in my passport is a completely standard one.

3. I was never given one consisent reason for my ban. The version changed several times.

4. Never given the chance to defend my ban, rendering it invalid. It is simply an attempt at ‘salted’ deportation.

5. Ban used to obfuscate crimes of Ukraine army / state – theft, illegal detention. Similarly rending it invalid.

6. Execution of deportation and irregularities in procedure further compromise any ‘ban’.

7. Further criminal actions of SBU, deletion of files, hacking of accounts while I was in detention compromise validity of any ban.

I don’t consider myself banned from Ukraine, whatever that is. I’ll go back.


13 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Banned from Ukraine – 7 Reasons

  1. 1. You banned 4 three years now.
    2. You banned 4 three years now.
    3. You banned 4 three years now.
    4. You banned 4 three years now.
    5. You banned 4 three years now.
    6. You banned 4 three years now.
    7. You banned 4 three years now.


  2. Look exactly like the Ukrainian stamps in my passport Graham. If you try and enter Ukraine via any of the Western borders / airports then they may have you on a list to detain you / return to country of origin, but Western borders…….no problem…….just try not to get caught 😉 and stay safe!!!

  3. I wish I had never known you. You spoiled the life of one girl in a moment,just broke her heart. U know who I’m talking about. Hate you,really. Thanks God,our authorities took appropriate measures.
    All you interested in is money. You changed your mind about Ukraine too fast

  4. Hi Gram! It’s great that you are alive. You make a big work for all of us. Thank you so much.
    Don’t worry about this shit that say bad things about you. Most of them are just paid, less are crasy.
    I hope you’ll be happy.

  5. I don’t understand nothing…. Why did you change your opinion? what happened? you were supporting ukraine and now what?!!! I am in shock

  6. Perhaps you could report about the use of human shields and treatment of prisoners by the “separatists”, comment on the videos of Motorola using heavy weapons in populated areas. Otherwise you are just an imperialist propaganda puppet (yes, Russia is an empire too, just like the USA)

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