The Final Post Here, New Beginnings


As you may know, I was recently held for 3 days by the Ukrainian army. Thinking the ordeal was over as I was put out at the Polish border, it was a shock to find every single file on my computer deleted – the SBU had taken my computers in Kiev, kept them for over an hour. Not only my Ukraine files, even a recent photo taken with my great aunt, all gone.

The next shock was logging online to find my Facebook and Vkontakte hacked. I managed to regain control of my Facebook, just as the pizza establishment in the Polish border town of Przemysl Glowny was closing, putting me off the internet for the next 12 hours as I travelled to Warsaw. I then arrived in Warsaw to find my Twitter account hacked, my email account, my Facebook gone again. Whoever had done it knew what they were doing – they’d hacked my accounts then set up their own back-up email and telephone number so I couldn’t recover them. I fought to get my Twitter back, but Facebook went for good, and then the worst of all, to go to my YouTube channel and find 2000 videos deleted.

In a time that civilians are being killed in Ukraine in such numbers, in such barbaric ways, I don’t want to complain when I’m still fine, healthy. But losing the videos was hard, it’s my life’s work, personal videos of my family were in there, moments of history. It’s tough to recover from, but that needs to be done, so this is how we are going to do it.

I’m ‘closing’ this blog – most of the posts here connect to videos no longer there, going through deleting them would just be too painful. Also, this blog goes back to a certain time. A certain time when life was calm in Ukraine and I enjoyed poking into societal matters, writing about my ex-girlfriend Ira, River Palace, nightclubs, pick-up artists. I felt and feel those shed light on a wider sphere of life in Ukraine as it then was. I wrote about those alongside artiles on history, politics, they were all part of an overall picture.

But, that time has passed now. It seems hard to imagine when it’ll be the time again to write about such trifles as the beauty of Ukrainian girls. And appraising the blog overall, they do now seem out of context in light of what has come. So, I’ll be migrating the best of all that content to  this new blog ‘Sex, Society, Clubbing’. There are no real plans to add new content there for now, but perhaps that will happen in time.

My main blog will now be here, called ‘World to Writes’ –

That will be updated regularly with new content, as well as my migrating the best content from here over there.

There will also be a new YouTube channel, I already have new Facebook, Vkontakte –

This site will stay here as a kind of personal, giving updates about what projects I’m working on etc.

So, it’s the transitioning, and closing of this site as a magazine blog, and huge thanks as of today the blog has achieved near 650,000 hits. Will look forward to seeing you moving on, and into exciting new projects. Those projects backed up, password protected etc, so we don’t have to write another post like this again.

Best for now, Graham

11 thoughts on “The Final Post Here, New Beginnings

  1. Your files might be recoverable if you haven’t over written them with new material. Find a computer expert to see if you can undelete the lost files.

  2. I’m just impressed how you manage to still walk given that you have had Putin’s hand so far up your arsehole for so long, Graham. In your exit interview with the SBU, you defended RT. This, ultimately, is likely to be the final nail in your fraudulent “career.” While for a while you got a bit of a following writing utter nonsense about places that people not familiar with Ukraine simply had no knowledge of and so, naively took your word on, now that you continue to defend RT which the world has come to understand, without reservation, is a propaganda network so shameless that it would make Goebbels blush. When you left Ukraine you did so with some “parting shot” to the SBU guy who interviewed you about how you were not sure the “DNR” and “LNR” were Ukraine any more. Obviously, you haven’t seen the military situation. The Muscovite self-proclaimed “leader” of the DNR has fled back to Moscow and Ukrainian forces have even recaptured Donetsk airport. The recapture of Lugansk is imminent.

    Graham, you’re a fraud. An utter fraud. You came to Ukraine, what to you is a foreign country, in essence in the service of the propaganda arm of a foreign fascist country. You knowingly spread what you surely knew were outright lies in many of your videos (the Odessa ones spring to mind). You’re lucky you’re not in jail.

    And why did you do it? It’s because you claim that your grandfather was an “anti-fascist” and thus you felt compelled and obliged to not just take Putin’s codswallop about Ukrainian fascists to heart, but you also chose to extend that lie.

    Fascism has indeed come in the guise of anti-fascism. And you, graham philips, have been its useful and even willing idiot.

  3. Hmm, actually, now that I think about it, the SBU guys actually did you a huge favor. By deleting your propaganda nonsense, you may have in essence kept your future career prospects. Gone are the posts with 50 pictures of wartime Lviv (some of which were photoshop assisted) where you simply dismiss claims that the UPA/OUN were a legitimate independence movement against a provably evil Stalinist advance by.. posting more photos. Gone are the videos where you fellate the terrorists of the russian invasion without even the slightest hint of critical analysis. Gone are the indefensible lies that you made about Crimea.

    If that’s what happened, Graham, if it’s the SBU guys who cleansed your record (and amazingly, you as a ‘professional strniger’ were too stupid to make backups to an internet server, of course), then they have done you a huge favour.

    Graham Philips, go home, you fraud. Thank you, however, for entertaining us all with an accent in Russian that is beyond parody.

    • Martinique – THANK YOU for saying what I wanted to say. Graham Phillips you are a traitorous turd working for a fascist empire seeking to dismember its neighbours. How vile. See you at the Job Club.

    • Martinique, you shurely took your time to write a lot of text, all of which is utterly ass-wards… Sorry, after I figured out your snobbish attitude in the first 2 sentences, I just skipped the rest entirely. Blah-blah-blah-Putin-Padla-Everywhere-blah-blah. Did I miss something? No? So long!

      Thank you, Graham, for visiting our country, and for spreading out the word about what is REALLY going on, from dangerous places, about vicious people, about the civil war… Too bad your stay wasn’t exactly delightful. Too bad most foreigners that come to Ukraine are not like you. I surely will miss your work, but to put it bluntly — there is no journalism in Ukraine anymore. Squealing at the top of their lungs, like Martinique and Donetsk resident(I bet, he surely isn’t), about Putin’s totalitarian “regime”, they just don’t realize, they’ve already built a “regime” 10 times worse, today, now. Nazi-like regime. But we’ll do our best not to let it stay that way………. Cheers. Best of luck in all your endeavours whatever that may be now)))

      • Andre – thanks mate – made my day LOL are you in FB? – Iri Ariel Atkinson Don’t take things personally, Grisha )) what other people say about you is their reality, and not yours – xx HUG Не принимай близко к сердцу и не обращай внимания на то, что люди о тебе говорят, Гриша – они говорят о своей реальности, а не о твоей – обнимаю ))

  4. Все, что происходит сейчас на Донбассе — это результат действий таких уродов как ты. Не суйся больше в чужую страну, антифашист хуев

    • Тебе в Киеве видней конечно, что на Донбассе происходит.

    • Ой как пукан то бомбануло, европейскость так и прёт. Да ты не волнуйся, теперь в Украине будут только “правильные” новости. ТСН, Громадське ТВ, 1+1, скоро насмотришься… А потом, как бы самому в чужую страну “соваться” скоро не пришлось))))))

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