The London Nobody Knows (video)

I’m pleased to present this truly stunning documentary, The London Nobody Knows, from 1967 (listed certain places as 1969), in its full form. This has been available to purchase on DVD for some time, but a documentary of its age, and indispensability, should be available to watch as per public access.

Hosted by the legendary James Mason, this is a must for anyone with an interest in perhaps the world’s greatest city.

YouTube Channel

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12 thoughts on “The London Nobody Knows (video)

  1. A fantastic gem. I remember seeing it for the first time when I was a kid – maybe fifteen years after it was made. I was crazy about James Mason at the time which was the only reason for watching it in my philistine heart – but it grabbed my imagination despite myself. Thank you

  2. I saw this in the cinema … must have been aged 11 or 12 around 1968, assume it was a B feature.
    Always atuck in my mind.
    Great piece of real cinematic history.

  3. I used to frequent the Bedford Music Hall in Camden Town when I was a little girl (now 82 yrs) and was very sad to see how it fell into ruins!

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