Why I’m Not Banned from Ukraine – 7 Reasons

I took expert advice on my ‘ban’ from Ukraine, in London. Here’s the 7¬†reasons I don’t consider myself banned.¬†

P10800251. I have no documentation to say I’m banned. None at all, never had.

2. The stamp in my passport is a completely standard one.

3. I was never given one consisent reason for my ban. The version changed several times.

4. Never given the chance to defend my ban, rendering it invalid. It is simply an attempt at ‘salted’ deportation.

5. Ban used to obfuscate crimes of Ukraine army / state – theft, illegal detention. Similarly rending it invalid.

6. Execution of deportation and irregularities in procedure further compromise any ‘ban’.

7. Further criminal actions of SBU, deletion of files, hacking of accounts while I was in detention compromise validity of any ban.

I don’t consider myself banned from Ukraine, whatever that is. I’ll go back.